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The Bruning Law Firm, a St. Louis based personal injury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Car Accident Lawyer Resume".
The Bruning Law Firm, a St. Louis based personal injury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Car Accident Lawyer Resume".

Irrelevant Search Term:
Car Accident Lawyer Resume

Serving Google ads for the search query “List of Disbarred PI Lawyers” by The Bruning Law Firm, licensed in Missouri, is a questionable decision. This approach lacks relevance and can be detrimental in several ways:

Lack of Relevance: Targeting a search query like “List of Disbarred PI Lawyers” does not align with the typical intent of individuals seeking legal services. Users conducting such searches are likely interested in information about disciplinary actions rather than seeking legal representation. Consequently, this strategy is likely to yield a low click-through rate (CTR) and squander ad budget.

High Cost Per Click (CPC): Considering that the average cost per click for Car Accident and PI-related searches in Missouri averages $120, running ads for unrelated searches can be a costly endeavor. Google charges for each click, even if users do not engage with your ad directly. This can swiftly deplete the ad budget.

Quality Score Concerns: Google evaluates the quality and relevance of ads, keywords, and landing pages through its Quality Score system. Targeting irrelevant search queries can result in lower Quality Scores, potentially leading to higher CPCs and reduced ad visibility.

Budget Drain: Running ads for irrelevant searches can substantially impact the advertising budget over time. The firm might find itself expending significant resources without acquiring valuable leads or conversions, resulting in a poor return on investment (ROI).

Brand Perception Risk: Serving ads for unrelated searches can risk damaging the firm’s brand perception. Users may perceive the ads as spammy or unrelated to their needs, which can have detrimental effects on the firm’s overall reputation.

It’s essential for The Bruning Law Firm to reevaluate its advertising strategy and prioritize targeting keywords and search queries directly relevant to personal injury cases, such as “personal injury lawyer in Missouri” or “car accident attorney.” This approach will increase the likelihood of attracting prospective clients actively seeking legal representation and prevent unnecessary spending on irrelevant searches. Implementing negative keyword lists to exclude unrelated queries is also advisable to enhance the efficiency of the Google Ads campaign. Such adjustments are necessary to maximize the return on their advertising investment and maintain a positive brand image

About The Bruning Law Firm

The Bruning Law Firm: Advocates for Justice and Compassion

Empowering Justice and Compassion: The Bruning Law Firm‘s Legacy of Excellence

In the heart of our community, where legal battles are fought and justice is sought, stands a beacon of hope and advocacy – The Bruning Law Firm. With a steadfast commitment to justice, a family-centric approach, and over 35 years of unparalleled experience, Tony Bruning and his sons, A.J. and Ryan, have woven an enduring legacy of legal excellence and compassion.

A Family Firm with a Purpose

The Bruning Law Firm isn’t just a legal institution; it’s a family united by a shared purpose – to champion the rights of those who have been injured and to provide unwavering support when it’s needed most. This familial bond isn’t just a tagline; it’s the driving force behind their dedication to each and every client they serve.

Tony Bruning, a trailblazer in his own right, has spent over three decades advocating for the rights of injured individuals. His unwavering commitment and impressive track record have earned him the reputation as one of the area’s foremost car accident lawyers. The legacy he’s built isn’t just about legal victories; it’s about changing lives and restoring hope.

Passing the Torch of Compassion

As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and in the case of The Bruning Law Firm, it’s an adage that rings true. Tony Bruning’s dedication to justice and compassion has left an indelible mark on his sons, A.J. and Ryan. Raised with a deep-rooted understanding of the value of empathy and the importance of standing up for those who have been wronged, A.J. and Ryan have seamlessly integrated these principles into their own legal careers.

A.J. and Ryan, much like their father, have embraced their roles as advocates for the injured with unyielding passion. Their combined experience, legal acumen, and shared commitment to their clients set them apart as rising stars in their own right. With Tony’s guidance and mentorship, they’ve not only maintained the legacy he established but have also propelled it forward, ensuring that the legacy remains alive and thriving.

Advocacy that Transcends

What truly sets The Bruning Law Firm apart is their unwavering dedication to the well-being of their clients. Beyond the legal battles and courtroom victories, it’s the genuine care they extend that truly makes a difference. The Brunings understand that injuries don’t just affect physical health; they can also leave emotional and financial scars. This understanding forms the bedrock of their approach, where every case is handled with the utmost sensitivity and personalized attention.

The firm’s commitment to transparency and communication ensures that clients are not only well-informed but also empowered throughout the legal process. The Brunings take the time to listen, understand, and strategize in collaboration with their clients, ensuring that each case is tailored to meet individual needs and circumstances.

A Promising Future

As The Bruning Law Firm continues to shape the legal landscape, one thing remains clear – their legacy of excellence and compassion is unwavering. With Tony, A.J., and Ryan Bruning at the helm, the firm stands as a symbol of hope for those seeking justice in times of adversity.

In a world where legal battles can seem daunting, The Bruning Law Firm offers a beacon of light, guiding clients through the complex labyrinth of the legal system with unwavering dedication, compassion, and a legacy that spans generations. Whether you’re seeking representation in a car accident case or require assistance with another personal injury matter, The Bruning Law Firm stands ready to fight for your rights and restore your sense of justice.

In the tapestry of legal firms, The Bruning Law Firm is a thread that weaves compassion and excellence into every case they undertake. With a legacy built on family values, decades of experience, and an unshakable commitment to their clients, The Brunings are more than just lawyers; they’re advocates for a brighter, more just future.

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