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Russman Law, a New Hampshire based law firm, had ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad with the search "DUI Lawyer Disbarred".

Irrelevant Search Term:
DUI Lawyer Disbarred

We have a strong degree of confidence in our Root Keyword assessment based on how frequently “DUI Lawyer” appears in the ad itself. Typically it is best practice for quality score, search relevancy, etc to have symmetry between your target keyword, Ad Headlines, Ad Description etc. 

 In the world of law, “disbarred” is a term used to describe a lawyer that has been removed from a bar association or the practice of law, which is certainly not a search that Russman Law would like their ad to be showing for. This could not only cost Russman Law financially over time, but it can also be a severe detriment to the reputation of their firm.

There is a well understood amount of negative sentiment surrounding attorneys online. It’s important to ensure that you are not spending money when people are searching for these types of irrelevant searches. No one searching  for info about a disbarred lawyer is likely to be retaining an attorney. 

Additional Irrelevant Queries

Russman Law, a New Hampshire based personal inujury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Car Accident Lawyer Convention".

Irrelevant Search Term:
Car Accident Lawyer Convention

This search is likely referring to a gathering of lawyers for an event or a type of law conference, which has nothing to do with Russman Law. 

Their ad appearing for this irrelevant search does not help generate them any potential leads because of the disconnect between the targeted search results and the target audience for Russman law’s ad. This could end up being a financial burden over time for the firm since it’s not optimized for searches relating to the representation services they offer.

This scenario highlights how important it is to not only monitor your ads closely, but to understand the negative keyword strategy being employed. 

Additionally there appears to a large disconnect between the keywords targeted and the campaign set up. Notice that our irrelevant search for “Car Accident Lawyer Convention” triggered an ad with the headline ” Free DUI Legal Consult”, and much of the language in the ad is focused on DUI issues. 

Best practices would have a search for Car Accident triggering a Car Accident ad, DUI search triggering a DUI focused ad etc. We have seen this sort of “shotgun” approach many times, where an account will not be segmented appropriately by specific practice area. This scattered approach often costs firms significantly, and is a leading indicator that whomever created the campaign is not aware of the increased costs. 

Relevancy is a significant factor in quality score, and the Russman Law firm is paying significantly more per click than one of their competitors with a more relevant ad would be. 

Russman Law, a New Hampshire based personal injury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Orlando PI Lawyer".

Irrelevant Search Term:
Orlando PI Lawyer

We have a strong degree of confidence in our Root Keyword assessment based on how frequently “PI Lawyer” appears in the ad itself. Typically it is best practice for quality score, search relevancy, etc to have symmetry between your target keyword, Ad Headlines, Ad Description etc. 

New Hampshire-based law firm Russman Law would not want their ad to appear for the search “Orlando PI Lawyer” because this query is specific to Orlando, Florida, and they likely do not practice law or offer legal services in that location. Displaying their ad for this search would be irrelevant and could result in wasted advertising budget, as it targets users seeking personal injury lawyers in a different geographic area. Russman Law should focus their advertising efforts on searches related to their New Hampshire-based legal services to effectively target potential clients within their service region and maximize the return on their marketing investment.


About Russman Law

Champions of Justice: <a href="" target="_blank">Russman Law</a> – Your Advocates in New Hampshire

Champions of Justice: Russman Law – Your Advocates in New Hampshire

A Team Committed to Your Rights

At the heart of Russman Law are attorneys whose commitment to justice runs deep. The combined expertise of Russman, Phinney, Burlage, Kaufold, and Yiokarinis forms a powerhouse that advocates tirelessly for the rights of their clients. Their legal acumen, honed over years of practice, is complemented by a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of those they represent.

Professionalism and Knowledge at the Forefront

The success of Russman Law is not only due to its exceptional attorneys but also to its highly professional and knowledgeable staff. Behind the scenes, this dedicated team ensures that every aspect of your case is handled with precision and care. From meticulous research to effective communication, the staff at Russman Law plays a vital role in ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch

In the realm of legal battles, it takes more than expertise alone to secure victory. Russman Law understands that the key to success lies in providing aggressive representation that leaves no stone unturned. However, this assertiveness is coupled with a personal and compassionate approach. The attorneys at Russman Law recognize that their clients are more than just cases; they are individuals with unique stories and challenges. This understanding fuels their commitment to providing personalized service that caters to each client’s needs.

Championing a Client-Centered Approach

What sets Russman Law apart is their unwavering dedication to a client-centered approach. While their legal expertise is formidable, they also understand the importance of empathy, communication, and support during times of legal distress. The team at Russman Law takes the time to listen, understand, and guide clients through the complexities of their cases, ensuring that they are informed and empowered to make the best decisions for their future.

Passion and Expertise Across Areas of Focus

Attorneys Russman, Phinney, Burlage, Kaufold, and Yiokarinis are more than just legal professionals; they are specialists in their respective areas of focus. Their passion for the law is evident in their dedication to remaining at the forefront of legal developments and strategies. Whether it’s criminal defense, personal injury, family law, or any other area, their commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Your Partners in Pursuit of Justice

Russman Law is not merely a law firm; it’s a trusted ally, a compassionate guide, and a powerhouse of legal expertise. From the moment you step through their doors, you become part of a team that is ready to fight for your rights and advocate for your best interests. Through the highs and lows of legal battles, you can rely on Russman Law to be by your side, offering unwavering support and unmatched legal acumen.

Empowering Clients, Achieving Justice

Russman Law is a testament to the power of legal expertise combined with empathy and compassion. Their commitment to fighting for the rights of New Hampshire residents is unwavering. As you face legal challenges, you can trust Russman Law to provide the aggressive representation you need while offering the personal and compassionate service you deserve. Contact Russman Law today to experience the difference of having dedicated champions of justice on your side.

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