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All of the  Rhode Island Law firms featured here had their ads triggered when we set our physical location to be either in Rhode Island, a major city within Rhode Island, or any of the geographic targeting options offered by Google that are within Rhode Island. 

Google’s geographic targeting options are fairly robust, however the amount of options can easily create issues if configured incorrectly. 

Average Keyword Cost Estimates in Rhode Island & Potential Impact

Using data from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool, we can estimate average cost per click for the root keywords in our irrelevant searches. If we assume the mean for our irrelevant search’s cost per click, we can estimate that these irrelevant searches cost $74 per click. 

We can also see from the Avg. Monthly Searches of the root keyword for the irrelevant searches that there is monthly volume for these queries. 

Let’s assume that out of the 10 monthly searches, our firms are getting 1 of those irrelevant clicks. At ($74  per click X 1 Click Per month)X (12 months a year), potentially these firms are wasting $ 894 annually on garbage clicks. 

For EACH instance of an irrelevant search term ie. if we triggered a firm’s ads by when we searched “Car Accident Lawyer Disbarred” AND the firm’s ads showed up when we searched another irrelevant search term ” Accident Lawyer Convention”, that could potentially be $ 1,788  (  $894per year for an irrelevant search term X 2)  annually in wasted ad spend. 

While our logic includes several  base assumptions, the simple fact is that our search should not have triggered ANY ads at all. 

Notably absent are all of the RI based firms who are running pay-per click campaigns targeting the exact same practice areas, but who either have A)appropriate negatives in place or B) Are using more focused strategies.  

hart illustrating the average cost per click (CPC) of $74 for personal injury keywords in Rhode Island, obtained using Google Ads Keyword Planner. Useful for understanding advertising expenditures in the legal sector in Rhode Island. Hashtags include RhodeIslandLegal, KeywordPricing, and GoogleAdsCPC
Average Cost Per Click
$ 0
Potential Annual Waste PER IRRELEVANT Keyword. ​
$ 0

Mistargeted Google Ads Campaigns in Rhode Island

Click on ony of the firms listed below to go to see the specific keywords used to trigger their ads.  In some instances we generated multiple  instances of the firms ads. All of the firms were called directly to inquire if the information was true.

For example if we triggered an ad for ” Car Accident Lawyer Convention” we called the firm to ensure that they were not in fact hosting a convention or CLE.

If the search that generated the ads was for a different state or city ie. “Car Accident Lawyer ⚠️ STATE ⚠️ “, the firm was also contacted to ensure that they are not licensed or practising in that external state. 

Legal Data

  1. Dueling was legal for lawyers (until 1815): Rhode Island once held the dubious distinction of being the only state where lawyers could settle disputes with pistols at dawn. This wild west-style practice stemmed from a belief in “trial by combat,” where physical prowess determined legal outcome. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and duels were outlawed in 1815.

  2. Tiny state, big legal history: Despite its size, Rhode Island boasts a rich legal heritage. It was the first colony to enshrine freedom of conscience in its charter, attracting legal minds like Roger Williams, who founded Providence as a haven for dissenters. This legacy continues, with Rhode Island hosting the prestigious John Marshall Law School and the oldest active military organization in the US, the Newport Artillery Company, originally formed to defend against pirates (talk about a unique legal challenge!).

  3. Local flavor in the courtroom: Rhode Island’s lawyers aren’t just sharp, they’re also fiercely local. Don’t be surprised to hear lawyers pepper their arguments with regional slang (“wicked good case!”) or historical references to local events like the Dorr Rebellion. This deep connection to their community adds a unique layer to the legal landscape in this tiny but mighty state.

So, there you have it! Being a lawyer in Rhode Island isn’t just about legal eagles and dusty tomes. It’s about stepping into a rich history, embracing local quirks, and maybe even brushing up on your🤺 skills (just in case

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