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All of the  New Jersey Law firms featured here had their ads triggered when we set our physical location to be either in New Jersey, a major city within New Jersey, or any of the geographic targeting options offered by Google that are within New Jersey. 

Google’s geographic targeting options are fairly robust, however the amount of options can easily create issues if configured incorrectly. 

Average Keyword Cost Estimates in New Jersey & Potential Impact

Using data from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool, we can estimate average cost per click for the root keywords in our irrelevant searches. If we assume the mean for our irrelevant search’s cost per click, we can estimate that these irrelevant searches cost $💰💰💰 per click. 

We can also see from the Avg. Monthly Searches of the root keyword for the irrelevant searches that there is monthly volume for these queries. 

Let’s assume that out of the 10 monthly searches, our firms are getting 1 of those irrelevant clicks. At ($💰💰💰  per click X 1 Click Per month)X (12 months a year), potentially these firms are wasting $ 💰💰💰  annually on garbage clicks. 

For EACH instance of an irrelevant search term ie. if we triggered a firm’s ads by when we searched “Car Accident Lawyer Disbarred” AND the firm’s ads showed up when we searched another irrelevant search term ” Accident Lawyer Convention”, that could potentially be $ 💰💰💰  (  $💰💰💰 per year for an irrelevant search term X 2)  annually in wasted ad spend. 

While our logic includes several  base assumptions, the simple fact is that our search should not have triggered ANY ads at all. 

Notably absent are all of the New Jersey based firms who are running pay-per click campaigns targeting the exact same practice areas, but who either have A)appropriate negatives in place or B) Are using more focused strategies.  

Overview of New Jersey personal injury keyword advertising costs. Details average CPC of $74 in New Jersey for personal injury keywords, using Google Ads Keyword Planner. Provides information on legal service advertising expenses. Includes hashtags #NewJerseyAttorneys, #KeywordPricing, #GoogleAdsCPC.
Average Cost Per Click
$ 0
Potential Annual Waste PER IRRELEVANT Keyword. ​
$ 0

Mistargeted Google Ads Campaigns in New Jersey

Click on ony of the firms listed below to go to see the specific keywords used to trigger their ads.  In some instances we generated multiple  instances of the firms ads. All of the firms were called directly to inquire if the information was true.

For example if we triggered an ad for ” Car Accident Lawyer Convention” we called the firm to ensure that they were not in fact hosting a convention or CLE.

Legal Data

Legal Industry Trends in New Jersey (2023):Key trends in the legal industry include an increased focus on cryptocurrency, employment law, and intellectual property. With the evolving economic landscape, companies involved in cryptocurrency are facing intense global investigation and regulation. Employment law is expected to see a boost, particularly due to changes in workplace dynamics post-pandemic and potential economic downturns. Intellectual property law is also anticipated to be in higher demand due to the creation of new businesses and the need for patent protection and litigation – Source 

Top-Grossing Law Firms in New Jersey (2023):The New Jersey Law Journal ranked the top 20 law firms in New Jersey by their gross revenue in the state. The top firm was Lowenstein Sandler, based in Roseland, with $144.6 million in New Jersey gross revenue. The second was Newark-based McCarter & English, with $106.5 million in New Jersey gross. This ranking includes firms of various sizes and focuses on their revenue generated within New Jersey, regardless of their overall firmwide gross revenue – Source 

Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates for Legal Occupations in New Jersey (2022):

New Jersey had 35,730 individuals employed in various legal occupations as of May 2022. This included 23,010 lawyers, 550 judicial law clerks, 270 administrative law judges, adjudicators, and hearing officers, 1,010 judges, magistrate judges, and magistrates, 9,580 paralegals and legal assistants, 590 title examiners, abstractors, and searchers, and 700 in other legal support roles. The wages varied significantly across these occupations, with lawyers earning an average annual wage of $163,690 and paralegals and legal assistants earning $65,570 – Source 

Legal Resources

Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ): LSNJ offers free legal assistance to low-income people in New Jersey, coordinating the statewide Legal Services system for civil legal problems. They focus on securing substantive and procedural justice for those living in poverty​​.

LSNJLAW – Legal Information: This website, provided by Legal Services of New Jersey, offers free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals in New Jersey. It includes a search function to find legal information on various topics, and you can call or apply online for free legal assistance​​.

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (VLJ): Based in Newark, NJ, VLJ offers legal assistance to veterans in New Jersey with certain civil legal issues, such as criminal record expungement, driver’s license restoration, bankruptcy, and consumer deb