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Frank J. Schlehofer, an Alaska based personal injury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Injury Lawyer Resume".
Frank J. Schlehofer, an Alaska based personal injury law firm, has ads showing for irrelevant searches. Pictured is their ad for the search "Injury Lawyer Resume".

Irrelevant Search Term:
Injury Lawyer Resume

We have a strong degree of confidence in our Root Keyword assessment based on how frequently “Injury Lawyer” appears in the ad itself. Typically it is best practice for quality score, search relevancy, etc to have symmetry between your target keyword, Ad Headlines, Ad Description etc. 

Law firm Frank J. Schlehofer would not want their ad to appear for the search “Injury Lawyer Resume” because this query suggests that users are searching for resources or information related to crafting a resume for a career in injury law, rather than seeking legal services. Displaying their ad in response to such a query would be irrelevant and would not effectively target potential clients in need of legal representation. Frank J. Schlehofer’s primary focus is to attract individuals seeking legal assistance for personal injury cases, not those seeking career advice or resume templates.

About Frank J. Schlehofer :Alaska Personal Injury Attorney


Frank J. Schlehofer – Your Trusted Advocate for Over 30 Years

For over three decades, Frank J. Schlehofer has been a beacon of hope and justice for the people of Alaska. With a steadfast commitment to helping injured Alaskans and their families, he has secured over 100 million dollars in compensation for thousands of individuals who have experienced accidents, disabilities, or the tragic loss of loved ones.

A Singular Focus on Injured Alaskans

Unlike many attorneys who diversify their practice areas, Frank J. Schlehofer’s unwavering dedication centers solely on helping injured Alaskans. He does not handle cases in other areas, such as divorce, wills, or criminal defense. His singular focus ensures that his clients receive the specialized attention and expertise they deserve during their times of need.

A Wealth of Experience and Expertise

Frank’s extensive experience as a former licensed insurance agent, combined with his involvement in hundreds of injury cases, equips him with a unique perspective to face insurance companies head-on. He understands the inner workings of insurance practices, allowing him to navigate complex negotiations and legal processes effectively.

Compassionate Representation Across Alaska

Frank J. Schlehofer’s impact extends far and wide, reaching hardworking Alaskans and their families from Barrow to Juneau when they need help the most. His unwavering commitment to justice has touched the lives of many, providing a lifeline of support during their most challenging moments.

From Azar to Schlehofer Law Offices

Frank’s journey through the legal landscape has been marked by tenacity and dedication. For 15 years, he worked on catastrophic and multi-million dollar cases at the Law Office of William G. Azar, P.C. (1991 – 2006). From 2006 to 2010, he continued his battle against insurance companies as a shareholder at Azar and Schlehofer, P.C. In September 2010, Azar and Schlehofer, P.C. was legally transformed into Schlehofer Law Offices, P.C., signifying a new chapter in Frank’s unwavering commitment to his clients.

A Proud Member of the Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers

Frank J. Schlehofer’s dedication to the legal profession and his clients is further demonstrated by his active membership in the Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers. This affiliation underscores his commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal excellence and advocating for the rights of injured Alaskans. In your pursuit of justice and fair compensation after an injury, disability, or loss, you can rely on the experienced and compassionate representation provided by Frank J. Schlehofer. His legacy of helping Alaskans, his specialized knowledge of insurance matters, and his singular focus on injury cases make him a trusted advocate who will stand by your side throughout your legal journey. When you choose Frank J. Schlehofer as your attorney, you gain an ally who will tirelessly fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve. His track record of success, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to justice make him the attorney of choice for injured Alaskans seeking justice and fair compensation.  

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