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Arizona Law Firms

All of the Arizona Law firms listed below had their ads triggered when we set our physical location to be within Arizona, a major city within the state, or any geographic targeting Google allows that’s within Arizona. For example, voting districts, DMA etc. You can read more about Google Location Targets here & here.  

Average Keyword Cost Estimates in Arizona & Potential Impact

Using data obtained from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool, we can make estimations regarding the average cost per click associated with the root keywords in our irrelevant search queries. Assuming the average cost per click for these irrelevant searches, it appears that each click costs approximately $217.

Furthermore, when examining the Average Monthly Searches for the root keywords related to these irrelevant queries, it becomes evident that there is a consistent monthly search volume for these specific terms.

Let’s consider that out of the 10 monthly searches conducted, our firms receive 1 irrelevant click. Therefore, the yearly cost incurred by these firms due to these irrelevant clicks can be estimated as follows: ($217 per click X 1 Click Per month) X (12 months a year), resulting in a potential annual expenditure of $2,607 on these unproductive clicks.

For EACH occurrence of an irrelevant search term, such as when we trigger a firm’s ads through a search like “Car Accident Lawyer Disbarred,” and the firm’s ads also appear for another irrelevant search term like “Accident Lawyer Convention,” this could potentially lead to an annual wasted ad spend of $5,214 ($2,607 per year for an irrelevant search term X 2).

When we asked Google Bard ( Google’s AI Chatbot) what the average cost per click for “Car Accident Lawyer” related searches is in Arizona, the reply was ” The average cost per click (CPC) for car accident lawyer related searches on Google Ads in Arizona is $358.03. This is based on data from multiple sources, including Google Keyword Planner and PPC Hero.” 

If we use the average supplied by Bard, there is a significantly greater impact to campaigns in Arizona given the elevated cost & competition. 

Average Cost Per Click for Arizona Personal Injury Related Keywords
Average Cost Per Click
$ 0
Potential Annual Waste PER IRRELEVANT Keyword. ​
$ 0

Mistargeted Google Ads Campaigns in Arizona

Click on ony of the firms listed below to go to see the specific keywords used to trigger their ads.  In some instances we generated multiple  instances of the firms ads. All of the firms were called directly to inquire if the information was true.

If the search that generated the ads was for a different state or city ie. “Car Accident Lawyer Utah”, the firm was also contacted to ensure that they are not licensed or practising in that external state. 

It is possible that some of these firms will refer out state cases to partnering law firms elsewhere, Google Ads may not be the best method for generating referrals given the costs & competition. Typically when we asked about the geo mismatch ie “Are you licensed or practicing in Utah”, the answer was no and there was no additional follow up or referral offered. 

Arizona Legal Data


  • Arizona has one of the lowest lawyer-to-resident ratios in the country, with only 26.1 lawyers per 10,000 residents. – Source ABA
  • The most common areas of law practice in Arizona are criminal law, family law, and estate planning. – Source AZ Bar
  • Lawyers in Arizona typically charge between $149 and $446 per hour, with the average being $268 – Source Clio 

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