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All of the  New York Law firms featured here had their ads triggered when we set our physical location to be either in New York, a major city within New York, or any of the geographic targeting options offered by Google that are within New York. 

Google’s geographic targeting options are fairly robust, however the amount of options can easily create issues if configured incorrectly. 

Average Keyword Cost Estimates in New York & Potential Impact

Using data from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool, we can estimate average cost per click for the root keywords in our irrelevant searches. If we assume the mean for our irrelevant search’s cost per click, we can estimate that these irrelevant searches cost $93 per click. 

We can also see from the Avg. Monthly Searches of the root keyword for the irrelevant searches that there is monthly volume for these queries. 

Let’s assume that out of the 10 monthly searches, our firms are getting 1 of those irrelevant clicks. At ($93 per click X 1 Click Per month)X (12 months a year), potentially these firms are wasting $ 1,122  annually on garbage clicks. 

For EACH instance of an irrelevant search term ie. if we triggered a firm’s ads by when we searched “Car Accident Lawyer Disbarred” AND the firm’s ads showed up when we searched another irrelevant search term ” Accident Lawyer Convention”, that could potentially be $ 2,244 (  $ 1,122 per year for an irrelevant search term X 2)  annually in wasted ad spend. 

Our search criteria involved several underlying assumptions, yet our results should not have included any advertisements. This is evident by the absence of New York-based firms that engage in pay-per-click campaigns for the same practice areas. These firms have either implemented effective negative keyword strategies or adopted more targeted approaches.”

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Average Cost Per Click
$ 0
Potential Annual Waste PER IRRELEVANT Keyword. ​
$ 0

Mistargeted Google Ads Campaigns in New York

Click on ony of the firms listed below to go to see the specific keywords used to trigger their ads.  In some instances we generated multiple  instances of the firms ads. All of the firms were called directly to inquire if the information was true.

For example if we triggered an ad for ” Car Accident Lawyer That Speaks Spanish” we called the firm to inquire if they in fact spoke Spanish. 

If the search that generated the ads was for a different state or city ie. “Car Accident Lawyer Pennsylvania “, as in the case of Porter Law Group, the firm was also contacted to ensure that they are not licensed or practising in that external state. 

Legal Data

Challenges in the Legal Market in 2023

The 2023 Report on the State of the Legal Market indicates multiple challenges including falling demand, rising expenses, and changing client preferences. Profits per equity partner (PPEP) are down for the first time since 2009, reflecting a difficult year ahead for the legal industry. source

 Lawyer Rates and Performance Indicators in 2023

According to the 2023 Legal Trends Report by Clio, lawyer rates are on par with consumer price increases. Legal professionals are handling and billing more cases than ever. However, collection rates are expected to decrease. source

New York’s Place in the Legal Industry

New York has one of the highest densities of lawyers in the U.S. Lawyers in New York have an average hourly billable rate of $372. However, the average lawyer bills only 2.5 hours of an 8-hour day, indicating low utilization rates. source


Legal Resources

  • LawHelpNY: A non-profit organization offering free legal services for issues like family, debt, housing, and work-related problems in New York.
  • City Bar Justice Center (CBJC): Provides free legal services to low-income New Yorkers and supports self-represented individuals in protecting their legal rights. For more information, call 212-626-7383.
  • New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG): Offers free legal services, financial counseling, and advocacy, focusing on individuals and families experiencing poverty and trauma.