Google AdWords for Lawyers

google-adwords-partner-badgeGoogle AdWords is the single most effective way to establish an immediate online presence for your law firm. When advertising using the PPC (pay-per-click), you pay only if people click on your ad. Even better? Unlike say, television or newspaper advertising or other more traditional forms of marketing, those people are actually actively searching for legal help!

So, how does it work?

People who need a lawyer or who have a legal concern often turn to the Internet to look for more information.

They’ll go to search engine that they trust (for law-related search, almost exclusively Google) and enter a relevant keyword phrase (for example, “Seattle medical malpractice attorney” or “divorce attorneys in Boston”). The search engine then returns a set of results that includes a mix of “organic” and “paid” listings that it thinks are an especially good match for the user’s query. Google’s AdWords program provides the paid results.

While it’s relatively easy for anyone to sign up for AdWords, account management has grown incredibly complicated as Google builds enhancements upon enhancements.

On top of that, competition is especially fierce in the legal market. Hiring an agency (like ours!) that is extremely experienced with managing AdWords accounts for the legal professionals is very likely to make the difference between a PPC campaign that’s a waste of time and money and one that drives a steady flow of business to your law practice.

How do we build successful Google AdWords campaigns?

Campaigns managed by humans – not robots

Many Internet marketing firms use software to run and manage their clients’ AdWords campaigns. While this is a necessity when it comes to running campaigns for clients that have thousands of products and millions of keywords, the best and most successful campaigns are created and carefully monitored by actual humans.

All of our AdWords campaigns are closely examined and managed by our marketing team, who over the years have caused almost 1 billion ads to be displayed. If you have questions about your account or want to discuss your advertising goals, you’ll talk to an actual person (though we think TiM, our lead search engine marketing guy, is just a bit too tech-savvy — he may be part machine, after all).

Having the “leg(al) up” on AdWords keywords (gotta love those legal puns)

All of the keywords we use are strategically developed to be relevant to legal consumers and their searches as they relate to your unique practice areas and market. Your keyword inventory, accumulated over the course of 7 years of Google advertising management, will contain hundreds, and often thousands of effective law-related phrases.

We know what potential clients are looking for, what keywords they use, and how to craft appealing ads that bring them to your website.

Customized campaigns —> Conversions and Contacts

Our goal is to get you the highest click-through rates at the lowest possible cost-per-click, and for the traffic that you receive to be relevant to your practice areas and geographic location.

If your law firm does personal injury law in Baltimore, Maryland, would you want your advertisements to show up for someone looking for a divorce attorney in Boise, Idaho? We didn’t think so. Unfortunately, we’ve seen campaigns created by other agencies where just that sort of thing happens.

When it comes website traffic to your site, we prefer quality over quantity. Other companies often take the opposite approach and hope for the best. Yes, you might get inquiries, but if none of them are relevant to your law practice or geographic location, then you’re wasting your money.

Our targeted advertisements have led to over 41,000 inquiries for our clients through the contact forms on their websites and even more calls.