KCBA Member Benefits

Increasing Your Law Firm’s Online Visibility Through Intensive Social Media Management.

In the last six months, the major social media platforms have come to be essential brand-management tools. The universal adoption of Facebook and Twitter, and Google’s increasing pressure to use Google+ has made active social media accounts imperative to maximize the number of online visitors who choose to make contact with you through your web presence.

Our Services:

  • The Build-Out: Construction of a suite of integrated social media accounts: Facebook Fan Page, Google+Business, Twitter and LinkedIn Company Page (and YouTube if there are videos). Consistent banner and profile images across all social media platforms will create a unified presence and brand for your firm.
  • The Posts: LegalPPC will keep the platforms current and active by publishing at least two posts per week per platform topical to newsworthy items on the web about your practice areas as well as non-controversial community events.Your posts will be researched and published by active, licensed lawyers. Political, sensational or inflammatory content will be specifically avoided.
  • The Icons: Icons for the four (or five) social media platforms will be featured prominently on your website inviting website visitors to visit you at your various online locations. Links back to your site will be prominently featured on the four platforms and will be included occasionally in media posts to the extent possible without being off-putting to your followers.
  • The Followers: Nothing says credibility, authority and trustworthiness to your website visitors like hundreds of “Likes” and “Followers” to your social media feeds. Within 3 months of launching your social media campaign, our goal would be for your Facebook account to have over 500 “Likes” and for your Twitter account to have over 1,000 “Followers.”

Your Membership Benefits:

For KCBA Members, LegalPPC offers the following discounted social media management services.

  • Free build-out of your integrated, branded suite of social media platforms (Facebook Fan Page, Google+Business, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page and a YouTube Channel if you have videos. Regularly $975 one time fee.
  • First month of social media management, including two topical posts per week per platform and the deliberate gathering of “Likes” and “Followers” – free of charge (normally $395 per month) with a minimum commitment of five months of future management.

For more information or to get started, please call us at (415) 742-2150 or write to us using the contact form below.